Kim Greenwood and Georg Fasching

A Bryter Work Dream Team… Kim Greenwood & Georg Fasching

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One of the most powerful antidotes to burnout is the influence of the people around us. Our colleagues have an incredible power to inspire and keep us motivated.

When you’re feeling depleted, isn’t it uplifting to be around a friend or mentor? Someone who helps you see a challenge with fresh eyes. Someone who champions your potential. It’s like gulping down a big glass of motivational juice.

That’s why we’re sharing this insight into the working relationship (and genuine friendship) between two of our brilliant coaches, Kim Greenwood and Georg Fasching.

How did you meet?

Georg was my Trainer on the Enterprise Coach Bootcamp, and set a standard I’ve aspired to since! I remember his astuteness, precision and great big smile. One of his most powerful questions was, “If not you, who?” and that still resonates today.

Georg: When I first met Kim on the Enterprise Coach Bootcamp I got to host, it was clear from the first moment that she was one of those who just got it. Highly experienced, yet curious to learn. Fun to engage with, yet bold when needed.

How does your dream team partner make your working life Bryter?

Kim: Our 3rd entity means we talked about what agreements we need, to bring out our best future selves in service of our clients. And I can honestly say, being able to collectively sense-make with the wealth of knowledge, experience and leadership Georg brings, has made this the best coaching engagement I’ve worked on. Also, Georg has a very entrepreneurial brain, which means he’s always at the cutting edge, learning something new and experimenting! From the Leaps in leadership and Coaches Growth Club, to latest AI note-takers, to sound quality, or avatars Georg keeps the surprises coming and makes work life innovative and exciting.

Georg: Firstly, that’s exactly what Kim does, she makes working life Bryter. Even on off days, Kim manages to lift the spirits. Her background and expertise deserves the utmost respect, while Kim doesn’t take herself too seriously.
She has a great memory for personal details, so engaging with Kim makes one feel like one gets to spend time with a lifelong ally.

What’s the toughest thing you had to face together and how did you get through it?

Kim: The hardest part of our work is that improvement depends on leaders deciding that “what got them here, won’t get them there”. Standing in this space involves change and risk for a leader, so we regularly encounter fear-based behaviours. Being able to work together means we can collectively notice what’s happening, offset bias and assumptions, and challenge or support which results in better business and human outcomes.

Georg: We had the opportunity to collaborate as a coaching-pair in order to guide a senior leadership team through a development program. The team was at a very challenging spot. This was a great opportunity to forge them closer as a team, but also with a huge risk of complete dissolution. Kim and I knew that we really needed to show up for the team in a variety of ways. At the same time we lived our own coaching pair alliance in that we checked in on each others holistic experience and wellbeing.

We helped each other stay clear so that we could join up and be of service to the team at that pivotal time without getting engulfed in the team’s dynamic so that the team could emerge stronger on the other side.

Kim Greenwood & Georg Fasching

What would your dream next client engagement look like?

Kim: Our current client saw a 12-point increase in eNPS and a 39% efficiency gain during our first 3 months. So if there’s any organisation that wants better business outcomes and happier staff we’d love to discuss partnering with you to enable and amplify your success.

Georg: For the sake of clarity and completeness, it would be together with Kim again as my coaching partner. Our engagement approach is solid and unlocks the utmost potential. Working with the senior leadership team as a whole is the ideal enabling work to pave the way for the highest success rate in organisational change.

If your dream partner had a motto, what would it be?

Kim: Georg’s would be “Good good good good good good good!”

Georg: and Kim’s would be “Alrighty, let’s get this done and then it’s time for a Tim Tam Slam, yeah?!”

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Georg Fasching

ICF-PCC, Leadership Coach, Trainer and Facilitator
Georg Fasching

Since 1999 Georg has worked across a wide range of enterprises and sectors. With a background working predominantly in the product, payment and technology spaces, Georg’s career has taken him from business analyst through to Executive VP of Products. In every role, it was always teamwork in the context of the organisation that fascinated Georg.

When he is not teaching, coaching, or mentoring teams, leaders, or coaches, Georg serves leadership teams as their team coach. This way he supports the unlocking of major enterprise agility improvements as the leadership team journeys towards high performance.

Over the years, Georg has worked with various companies across sectors including Telecoms, Mobile, Media, and Banking to name just a few.

Kim Greenwood

Executive Coach, Enterprise Agile Coach and Facilitator
kim greenwood

Drawing on over 20 years of experience empowering leaders and teams to achieve sustainable high performance, Kim’s personalised approach has facilitated successful outcomes for large-scale, FTSE 100 corporations across industries including Telecoms and Media, Oil and Gas, Investment Banking, Real Estate and FMCG.

Leveraging her own leadership expertise, she has coached C-suite teams in vertical development, communication intelligence, negotiation practices and how to create fearless organisations.

Kim has also studied with founders of psychological development models and most recently was part of a global cohort with Bill Joiner covering the most recent advances in his life’s work on leadership development.

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