Introducing Bryter Work

We’ve launched!


Hello we’re Bryter Work.

Our mission is to help you build a Bryter working world, with happier teams who make better decisions and deliver better outcomes.

Bryter Work is a people-focused consultancy, that builds your confidence and capability both in making change and how to measure that change. We do this by creating inclusive cultures where innovation and high performance thrive through value-driven, highly-targeted workshop-based solutions.

This gives you the business resilience to meet any challenge and continue to change and adapt as your market or environment demands.

Bryter Work was created out of AWA Global, co-founded with Gemma Honour and continues AWA’s mission of ‘Making working life better’. 


So what does the word Bryter actually mean? 

Read AWA’s Bryter Work launch article to discover the story of our name and what the Bryter values are.

Since the pandemic, companies have experienced enormous cultural shifts. Has this has affected your organisation? 

Perhaps you find that staff are harder to retain and keep engaged? Or has the change to a less office-based way of working meant that your company culture has disappeared? Are your existing ways of working just not working?

Our unique coaching approach helps address problems like these by helping you to build a business that is better to work within and has the vision, strategy and leadership to succeed and adapt to change.

Find out how we can help you.