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Is agile dead?


The words “agile” and “agility” are met with mixed receptions these days, with some people saying it has been proven not to work, or even that “Agile is dead”.

Is agile dead?

What we do know is that work is not getting easier. 

  • Time to market is shortening, 
  • Product and service lifespans are decreasing
  • Building products/services is getting more complex
  • With more moving parts and deeper skills required than ever before

Staff are demanding meaning from their work and asking organisations to show how they are contributing to make the world a better place. People expect career growth, more challenging and responsible positions, and more decision-making power.


So, is Agile dead?

Well, perhaps the ‘old’ Agile is dead retired. Or perhaps it is evolving into something better and Bryter..?

Our approach focuses on outcomes, people, and risk reduction. If we follow these pillars of change, then we know we will succeed. We may use things from the world of agile, but at its heart, finding new ways of working is about changing what is in our heads. When we change how we see the world, each other, our products, and our customers, we have a chance of making it better.

Our focus is always on people over process.

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