a strong company vision

Is your organisation lacking a strong company vision?


Why is a strong company vision important in leadership?

Vision provides the inspiration and clarity that enable teams to understand what they are working towards, and to do it in a way that means that they are able to make more of the decisions themselves. Without a clear and inspiring vision, teams may struggle to connect to the day-to-day work, meaning that decision-making must be made by fewer people higher up in the organisation. This causes delay and frustration all around.


strong company vision

Symptoms of a lack of company vision

Lack of Vision in your company may show up in the following ways:

  • Staff need a lot of clarifying information to carry out day to day work
  • Projects mostly focus on maintaining the status quo or reacting to issues, rather than breaking new ground
  • Teams find it hard to describe what they do, or why they are doing it
  • Teams lack motivation and find it hard to get new initiatives moving

In conclusion, a strong company vision is essential for effective leadership. It provides inspiration and clarity for teams, enabling them to understand their purpose and make more informed decisions. Without a clear vision, decision-making can become centralised, leading to delays and frustration. A lack of vision may manifest itself in the need for frequent clarifications, a focus on maintaining the status quo, and a lack of motivation.

If you are experiencing any of these behaviours, it may be time for a new vision workshop and alignment for your organisation.

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