What does it mean to build a coaching capability?



What does it mean to build a coaching capability and why should you care?

Firstly, a coaching capability in your organisation means that leaders and managers have the necessary skills, personal development, and supporting infrastructure to grow transformational leaders throughout the organisation. Part of being a transformational leader is to have coaching and mentoring skills.  Leadership with coaching and mentoring builds the right cultural environment for teams to:

  • collaborate
  • innovate
  • adapt to today’s changing marketplace.

Professional coaching skills are easy to master, however they require time to practice. In today’s fast-paced and busy world it is not enough for managers to go on a half-day training and hope that it is enough for them. They will need to change the way they see the world of work, relationships and the nature of delivery. They will need to grow teams, promote collaboration and innovation, and shift their own mindsets to a supporting rather than commanding role.

This does not happen overnight.

build a coaching capability

Building a coaching capability means expanding the coaching training that managers will get and provides:

  • the internal supporting structures that enable staff to continue to learn and grow
  • reporting line or product-focused coaching and mentoring
  • a way to find the right peers that can mentor and coach them,
  • a way for them to take an active part in growing other leaders.

This results in happier, more engaged staff, that are more capable and able to adapt and exhibit the types of management and leadership required to run a product-focused and customer centric organisation.

So, if you would like to build a coaching capability in your organisation, get in touch to find out how we can help.


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