What kind of leader are you?

Why not use SCRUM, SAFe, Spotify, or any other framework?


Most of the Agile frameworks are not actually frameworks (e.g., Spotify, Disciplined Agile, etc.), and even if they were, a framework for agility is an oxymoron.

Agility is a people-based approach to devolving decision-making to the point of work in a safe and efficient manner. Installing frameworks and telling people how to work is the antithesis of the culture that is required to make agility work. This is why so many people fail at agility and think it doesn’t work.

There is enough experience being shared in the global community to now know that the frameworks may provide some benefits but do not deliver enough change to meet today’s demanding needs. They are expensive, alienating, and don’t do what you expect.

Much of our experience with change has been rescuing organisations that have tried using the frameworks but failed. We are happy to help if this is the case, and we are happy to help you create a better way of working.

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